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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Inspired Gucci Squarescarves - Batch 3

Assalammualaikum dearies!

Inspired Gucci has restocked!! ada 5 color ye!

exclude postage

Dark Grey

Light Brown

Light Grey


Dark Brown

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TQ and happy shopping,girls!!!


Anonymous said...

tudung cantik actually,,
saya pon slalu tgk org pakai...
tapi,, bile tgk awak pakai tudung tu x beriron,, terus saya hilang slera..

hanya sekadar teguran..
lagi bagus kl iron,, sbb sesetengah online seller,, iron tudung tu ng cantik..
tp xpe,, awak berniaga laris gak kan???

jgn terasa ea..

Anonymous said...

Sis,fb ada x?

Anonymous said...

Ada facebook or wassap x sis?

Anonymous said...

Admin.sy nk bli tdung bwal gucci..